The Light in the Dark


When going through darkness, hope can be hard to find. More so than not, the season brings doubt, dryness, and loneliness. But what if I said that there is light to be found in the dark? The purpose of this piece is to encourage anyone lost in the darkness, and boldly claim that this season may be what they need to move forward.



Created at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)

Directed by: Eli Guillou
Written by: Hannah Maschoff
Voiceover: Michelle Falanga
Original Music: Matt Stanfield
Sound Design: Clark Rhee
Design: Joash Berkeley, Eli Guillou, Matt Higgins
Animation: Eli Guillou

Special thanks: Joash Berkeley, Daniel Cordero, Chrissy Eckman, Andrea Freiwald, Matt Higgins, John Hughes, Kenny Kerut, Geoff Schultz, Sam Stucky, Seth Upperman, Duff Yong, My family


Featured in Stash Magazine
The Rookies (2017) - Motion Graphics
Adobe Design Awards (2017) - Honorable Mention in Motion Graphics